Priv.-Doz. Dr. Violette Geissen
Soil Scientist

♦ Characterization of water quality in the micro watershed of the river Sane, SE Mexico; Conacyt, Mexico.


Watershed management in a biosphere reserve in tropical Mexico. CONAFOR, Mexico: 2006-2008

Effects of agroindustrial production on the environment; SEDAFOP. 2004-2008

Effects of land use changes on soil quality - Development of a sustainable land-use system in SE-Mexico; 

   Sermanat 2004-2007

Evaluation of soil conservation and restoration technologies to improve soil fertility and avoid soil erosion.

   SEDAFOP, Tabasco. 2003-2004

Soil and water management in Tabasco, Mexico;  SEDAFOP, Tabasco. 2002-2003

Soil fertility and soil erosion in different regions of Tabasco, Mexico; Fundación Produce, Tabasco. 2002

Influence of soil mesofauna on the gas production of strongly acidic forest soils; Forstliche Lehr- und

   Versuchsanstalt Freiburg, Germany . 2002

Soil degradation in West Africa, part of an interdisciplinary project (IMPETUS) of the universities Köln and

   Bonn, Germany. 2001-2003

Revision of the German soil classification system (Bodenkundlichen Kartieranleitung), 5. edition (KA5);  AG

   Boden, Hannover, Germany. 2001

Study about the BSE-disease; Fördergemeinschaft für Nachhaltige  Landwirtschaft e. V., Bonn Germany.


Soil biological parameters in different forest stands in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany; Landesanstalt für 

   Ökologie, Bodenordnung und Forsten, Recklinghausen Germany.2000 

Earthworm populations in differently restored forest soils in Ochsenhausen, S-Germany; Forstliche Lehr- und 

   Versuchsanstalt Freiburg. 2000

Nature protection in agricultural regions;  Fördergemeinschaft für Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft e. V., Bonn,

   Germany. 2000

Acidic forest soil restoration by strip-wise tillage; Forstamt Kottenforst, Bonn, Germany. 1997-1998

Development of a restoration concept for strongly acidic forest soils in Rhineland, Germany; Ministry of

   Environment, Düsseldorf, Germany. 1993-1999

Simulation of leaching and degradation of pesticides in the soils; Consulting office Geolog, Brühl, Germany. 1990-


Soil fauna in conventional and organic farms; Chamber of Agriculture, Rhineland, Germany. 1988-1992

Soil erosion in S-Portugal; GTZ-Project. 1986-1987

Efficiency of mulching in corn fields of tropical summer-rain regions in Togo; GTZ-Project. 1985

Firewood Study in the Usambara mountains, Tanzanias; GTZ-Project. 1983-1984


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